Jumpup Cabin

Jumpup Cabin was built in 1906 and is one of two of the original ranger cabins still in existence on north Kaibab Plateau

Jumpup Cabin is located Jumpup Canyon in the southwest section of the Kaibab Plateau and overlooks the Kanab Creek Wilderness. The trailhead for Ranger Trail 41 is just steps from the front door. The trail runs through the Kanab Creek Wilderness.

When the Kaibab Forest was formed from the preserve, a system of 10 ranger cabins was built, within a day’s horseback ride from each other. The original cabins were located at Jumpup, Ryan, Big Springs, Jacob Lake, Dry Park, Pleasant Valley, Quaking Aspen, Big Park, South Canyon and Bright Angel. Most of the cabins were used seasonally. Some served as a home base, others were used to issue hunting permits, oversee livestock grazing rotations or do other jobs. All were located near water sources and most had a barn or shed and a corral.

The cabins at Jumpup and Jacob Lake are the only two original cabins still in existence. The one at Jacob Lake has been repurposed into a museum. The Jumpup Cabin was brought into the “Rooms With A View” cabin rental program and can be rented for use by the public.

The cabin was built in 1906, the same year Teddy Roosevelt designated the Grand Canyon National Game Preserve and is the oldest existing ranger station on the plateau. The original building materials for Jumpup Cabin came off the Kaibab. The windows and roofing material were brought in by wagon from the railroad station at Marysville, Utah. After its use as a ranger station and prior to its current use, Jumpup has been provided shelter by ranchers and forest visitors.

The cabin underwent a restoration in October 2009 made possible by an allocation from the American Recover and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The focus was on replacing old flooring, repairing interior walls, installing a new wood stove, foundation repair and exterior staining.

There is no electricity, water or cell phone service at Jumpup Cabin. The only source of heat is the wood stove. Trash must be packed out.

Distance from Big Springs: Approx. 19 miles

Travel time from Big Springs: Approx. 45 minutes

Elevation: 5500 feet

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Directions from Big Springs: Turn left (south) from gate onto FSR 22 for approximately 2.1 miles. Turn right (west) onto FSR 447. Follow FSR 447 for 4 miles, then turn right (north) onto FSR 427 for 0.3 miles. Turn left (west) on FSR 234 for 9 miles. Turn left (south) on FSR 423 for 1 mile to the cabin.