What Do You Mean It’s Already June 15???!!!

The afternoon sun plays hide and seek with the trees creating a magical place in the forest.

I can’t believe the time is going by so fast. How did it get to be the middle of June already?

We have been busy at Big Springs this season. The word is getting out about how amazing this place is. As crazy as this might sound, Big Springs has a special aura that envelopes people the minute they set foot on site. You can see it on their faces and in their whole demeanor as they get out of their cars. One of the comments we hear most often is “We wish we could stay longer.” Many of our guests find us by accident (or divine intervention) and are surprised by all that Big Springs has to offer. We are starting to get a lot of returning guests.

Guests at Big Springs discover that there is so much more to the North Kaibab Plateau than just the Grand Canyon National Park. Not only are there many ways to view the Grand Canyon without ever setting foot in the park, but the plateau has a rich and diverse history. From rock art to old cabins and corrals to a ghost town, there are fascinating things to be found in the most unexpected places. Add to this mix the beauty of the forest itself and the diversity of the wildlife and you have the stage set for an incredible adventure.

I will try to do a better job of posting about this wonderful area, but sometimes the time goes by in a blur and others our satellite internet isn’t cooperative. I have an abundance of material, so I will update blog pages and do new posts as often as possible. Thanks for the patience.

Remember, time at Big Springs is time well spent. To book your Big Springs adventure, click HERE. We hope to see you soon.

“Forest Therapy” is a very real, scientifically documented thing. Come discover the benefits of a long walk in the peaceful North Kaibab National Forest.