View of cabins from Forest Service Road 22

There are 7 cabins located on the site. Cabins 1 – 6 are available for rental. Cabin 7 is currently being used as the host cabin. Refer to the site map for the exact location of each cabin on the premises. We are in the process of decorating each cabin with a specific theme based on a branch of the Forest Service.

Cabins have combination locks on the doors. The combination is sent to each guest via email with the reservation confirmation. You must have the code to open the cabin door.

Each cabin is 280 square feet, measuring 18’4” long x 15’4” wide.  Cabins contain 1 full bed, 2 twin beds, a dresser, a chair, lamps and a woodburning stove. The stove is the only source of heat for the cabin. Guests may bring an electric space heater. Only one per cabin to avoid tripping the circuit breaker. There are limited outlets in the cabins. You may wish to bring a power strip for convenience if you are charging phones, etc. Guests must provide their own bedding and linens.

There are four 2’ x 2’ closets in each cabin. Some have shelves, some have hanging bars. One closet contains a broom, dustpan, poker, ash shovel, ash bucket and lighter. Additional hooks are provided for hanging gear, damp towels, etc.

Bulletin boards contain additional information guests need for their stay, including the entry code for the “Big House.” Journals in each cabin provide a way for guests to share their Big Springs adventure with future guests.

Cabins DO NOT have bathrooms. Showers and restrooms are shared by the guests and are located near the building (“Big House”) containing the kitchen, dining room and living room. Guests must provide their own towels and toiletries.

Big Springs Cabin 1

Big Springs Cabin 2

Big Springs Cabin 3

Big Springs Cabin 4